Audi AI:Trail

Sure this is not your run of the mill mall crawler, nor is it an traditional offroader. Honestly I don't know what this is. According to "The car combines futuristic design with autonomous driving, electric mobility — and a special connection to nature. Join us for a four-wheeled walk through the forest." Either way I think it cool looking...

A new st(art)

After an unintentional hiatus, I have been looking at photography and misc mediums as art once again. I started to evaluate where everyone was around me. I notice people out there with their apps on their phones clicking buttons of presets claiming to be designers. Yuck. I get the desire to improve. I understand the hey look what I can...

As some of you may have noticed this is different from what it used to be. Unfortunately a plugin I was using caused security errors and alerted me of ongoing concerns. I backed up my portfolio and deleted it all. I am starting over. 2020 has allowed me to use everything as a stepping stool and really take the time to restart, reinstall, rethink, and reingest if that is a thing.
I will be trying themes and misc ideas now that I have a purpose to redo. Sometimes it is that unexpected push that we need to get off the couch and do something with what we meant to. Declutter the junk drawer of our lives and evaluate where and what we need to be.

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