After an unintentional hiatus, I have been looking at photography and misc mediums as art once again. I started to evaluate where everyone was around me. I notice people out there with their apps on their phones clicking buttons of presets claiming to be designers. Yuck.

I get the desire to improve.

I understand the hey look what I can do movement.

That app you downloaded to your phone with the 28 presets doesn’t make you a designer. Trust me. I was forced to learn design after I fell backward into the dumpster of the design world. I said I was a designer. I claimed to be an artist. I was slapped in the face with Prismacolor Marker and stabbed in the heart with a Dixon Ticonderoga of truth.

This is my personal awakening. My own inner monologue yelling at the click-click generation to get off my lawn.

Issue 1, When I see your applified images I can tell what options and what buttons you clicked on what app. Just cause I don’t like you claiming to be designers does not make them bad apps. Just done lie to yourself. Just like Sarah Michelle Geller, I know what you did.

Issue 2. I was once in the shoes of the nieve. I did not understand where the older generation came from. I mixed my mediums. Computers and physical media. When you start learning in-depth color analysis along with the hex color code that corresponds to that Pantone color sample… then you have become those who teach and those who know too much. Learn as much as you can. Then forget what you learned and learn more.

Issue 3. Do not be afraid of asking. To learn you much ask. No question is stupid. Just stupid people. I say this because if you do not ask, you are stupid. I mean that in the nicest way possible.

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