All over the interweb and YouTube there are many many many how to yourself a portable shower. Now I know that everybody has their own interpretation of what a shower is. To me it is a simple sprinkling of water over the top of me or in some direction of me. Now you could make one out of PVC piping running across your vehicle. You can buy one if you have the money. You could go all Mountain Man or Mountain woman and not shower and not care how you smell. You could bathe in streams oh, what if there’s kids around you do not want to scare them. My suggestion is to go to Harbor Freight. You can get them anywhere but Harbor Freight is the cheap place so we all know that. You can buy one of the hand pump Garden sprayers. They are roughly $20 for two gallon. I plan on doing this myself I just have not had a reason to as of now. Under the directions and I figured out piece it together all the various instructional videos, I figured out that you need to take black spray paint and spray paint one of them so it keeps in the heat, unless you like cold showers. Now I know you can hook up any hose to it so you can use an actual real sprayer and not that dainty little one that looks like an enema tube. But if you pick the sprayer and run a piece of blue tape down the side of it from top to bottom before you spray it it will give you an idea of how much water you have left. It should not affect the temperature. Is it also works great for doing dishes if you will have hard to clean pans. I see people online selling prefabricated ones for various companies, ranging from 2 to $500. I think I could probably get a roof rack for that same amount of money and then zip tie it to it . I don’t know if it would be that sturdy oh, but then again I’m not out crawling across all sorts and rocks and up sides of mountains. I’m more of the drive down the dusty road or to the beach or something of that nature. So that works for me. I’m just giving you my two cents and waiting for my Nickel in return. Yes I’m thinking about having a sponsorship page. So I can actually buy some of these things that I tell you guys about. Maybe someday.

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