In the climate and situation of today we are switching up what we carry with us everyday. If you are lucky enough to be working from home and not laid off, you maybe be so inclined to get dressed, all the way instead of just from the waist up for the Zoom calls, and continue to carry what you normally do in your pockets. I know that most of us carry keys, wallet, maybe a pen, a knife or multitool, but no that we are all at home, staying safe, washing our bodies with bleach, wearing the human equivilant of the cone of shame, it might be time to switch of that EDC that we all love and hold dear.

Right now, if I am not wearing pjs or some sort of athletic shorts, I still carry my small knife, keys, minimal wallet, watch, phone, a space pen and two zip ties with me. The zip ties are something I forgot were in my pocket and I started just keeping them there. Now that we have to bundle up to be safe and pretty much have reverted back to middle school dances where there is 6ft between any other person, I have added an extra pair of gloves, a n95 mask and a neck gator in my arsenal of pocket wares. Somewhere someone said to wash your clothes when you get home and so I have been doing that. Timing out laundry days and grocery trips along with the days I eat from takeout and curbside delivery. And the for mentioned is packed into my Walmart jeans and I escape like a bear in Spring only to return with food. While at home my EDC changes as most things are at arm’s length or just in the other room. In various rooms there is a multitool or knife if I need it. In my office, bathroom, kitchen and a few others there are wipes to sanitize, if it really helps.  I have pens that I forget to put away on tables in places and so on. So really my every day carry right now is more like a watch, the Casio WSD-F30 black with a custom nato band on it, my LG G7 mobile phone, a tablet… I count my surface as a tablet so it could be one of a few, and of course I carry my Hydro Flask 40oz black with the sticker on the side that says H20 ONLY. It is steel so I do not want it tainted with some other misc. liquid.

So now. You have gone through your bag, your purse, your bugout, mommy… whatever you carry your carry in. At this point we have swapped our standard carry with toilet paper, wet wipes, hand sanitizer and face masks. Oh, do not forget the gloves.  This is not the apocalypse that we were told about nor it is all over. The threat is still out there and yet we have states basically giving up. Make me think about what else in those states they have laxed on. Personally I like the finer things in life: at least double ply toilet paper, clean water, clean air, not getting a deadly virus from being out people that thing they are too smart to get it cause they can not see it and they are special, good snacks and even the best of all friends and family. Sure, there is not one really EDC thing in there but to me what I carry everyday is not the item necessarily but the memories and what not. The memory of my idiot friend getting sick and then killing his Nana cause they decided to go the store with out a mask on, while inadvertently breathing in someone sickness because they too are stupid and coughed without a mask on. See?

Yes this has gotten preachy but I have a what the government considers seniors in my household. They are in better shape than me. They are healthier than me. But I would like them to live to 100 and know that they are actually 100, does this make sense.

What I think I am saying is that I think that besides the knives, and lighters, and tools, and tape and sticky things and other misc. stuff that we feel we need to carry, lets protect ourselves one more way. It is easy. You protect yourself, which in turn protects those around you, which protects more… see it is a pattern.

Be safe. Carry that