Knolling. According to Urban Dictionary:

knolling(v) – The process of arranging like objects in parallel or 90-degree angles as a method of organization.

Previously until I had watched some video of Adam Savage on the Tested Youtube channel do this and talk about it while doing his Lego project I took this process as a mediocre thing that OCD people did. Then I did it with tools and parts.
Recently I purchased a Jeep Wrangler. As people know they come in various sizes, styles colors and have a myriad of things that can be added and taken off, similar to a Harley Davidson. I still miss my motorcycle. There are many saying for various toys that clever people come up with for their expensive hobby. Boating is “Bring Over Another Thousand”. HOG is “Hand Over a Grand”. Jeep is “Just Empty Every Pocket”. Clever right?
After selling and saving I have purchased a JK. I can’t say it is the Jeep of my dreams because with Jeeps I have to make it mine. The one I found is as close to mine without the HUGE price tag. Apparently I have champagne taste and a garden hose budget.
When I purchased my “fancy” from bumper I enlisted a friend of mine who I deem more mechanically experienced than I to help me. The process was started too late in the day, in his driveway is windy and dreary weather. I swear we are smart(ish). When the little bag of screws and what not was opened it was dumped out in a box. I didn’t want to say anything as I was getting free help but I did not realize that this would bother me. Having all the various screws, bolts, nuts, washers all in a pile. The project got done. Then I added lights. I chose to take a stab at this myself as I claim to be smart and I play a doctor on TV, and I did stay at a Holiday Inn Express once… maybe twice. While looking at all the parts, the directions and what I was using I remembered the process in which Adam took all the same pieces and put them together, facing the same way, lined up, equally spaced and organized. It was perfect for the video. I could see each piece he was reaching for. Each part he needed. I could guess what was going to be used the most and so on. I felt like I knew what was going on. Then it hit me. I needed to do that. Not with my Legos but with the parts to my lights. Sure I was not building a 13 billion piece Millenium Falcon, but the 10 pieces I had needed to be put together in a particular way to function correctly. So I set them out and took in what I had. This allowed me to see if I was missing anything or if I was lucky enough to get extra pieces.
The lights went on. I learned. Are they done? no. I am going to change the switch location and install a panel and a SPOD system. Stay tuned for that as that will be interesting and I might even video it. We all need a good comedy from time to time.
So now with my winch. Not the one that brings me my beer but the one that I purchased to be ready to help those who are unlucky and need help getting unstuck. Before I even got the winch I found the directions only and read them, mostly. When the winch came I took the items out, looked at the directions and put everything in the groups as there was the group for the winch electrics and the winch itself. One has big bolts, one doesn’t. Simple.
After doing this I took the bolts out that I needed and bagged up the bolts that were not going to be used. Since I was working on this in stages I found the bags to be a simplified version of knolling.
Long story short or something. My point is you should try knolly it makes this easier. Trust me.

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