LEATHERMAN – Tread LT Bracelet, The Smaller Travel Friendly Wearable Multitool, Built in the USA, Black

Now one might think. Why the hell would I need that. I am carry a tool kit with me. I have a my multool with me. I am a huge tool myself. I like shiny things. I am a man. Whatever your excuse is, forget about it. This will always make you ready. Sure you are laying in your inflatable pool and your kid comes up with a broken toy. You reach for your pocket. Wait you are in a pool. So you send your one and only child to get you a another cold one while you take off the breacelett, fix the toy and even have the opener to start you next addiction and still win the trophey of dad of the day. No you do not get dad of the year, you are still drinking beer in your kids pool, having them bring you a new one when you should be acting like a parent, but who am I to judge, right?


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