When I saw Multitool, you are in one of two groups. One thinks of Leatherman and the other is the group that thinks either one of all the other brands or just a generic pliers thing. Today there are so many companies that have jumped on and off the multitool train that I can not even begin to list them, and I am lazy to do the research. While talking to some people at a sporting store today there was a gentleman from Germany who stated that with his group of friends that even a little Victorinox Swiss Army knife, the ones that we all had, have, or should have, is considered multitools. They have multiple tools and usages thus the name fits. That right there spelled it out so simply. I, like so many others, thought that a multitool had to have pliers. That is wrong. Gerber and Leatherman have released versions over the years that are TSA friendly that do not have knives, there are versions that have no pliers and only scissors. The examples go on. The point I am making is that there is an option for you for what you need and would be smart to find that. Previously I crapped on the idea of the cheap tool think that was an ax hammer knife plier monster. I stand by that. With all the options and tools and miscellaneous options, I am just recommending taking the time to find the four tools that you need, then go to what you might need, and down the list you go.

Me, as an example, I carry the Leatherman Skeletool every day, unless I am wearing gym shorts. If you are unaware of the Skeletool, it boasts a knife, key clip/ bottle opener, pliers, and four flat bits. In my work bag, I do have a full-sized old Gerber something something, I forget the name, that has 2 knives, bottle openers, can openers, pliers, saw, scissors and so on. Most things I do not need or use… but I have them in case. The point that I am trying to make is that I carry the Skeletool since it is everything I could need on a regular basis. I have the backup one in case I need a little bit more. If for some reason while at work things get REAL… I have a toolbox in my vehicle, a small toolbox in a drawer, and a boss that is a full-on dad with two various multitools on his belt. One is a Leatherman P4 I believe and the other is a Letherman Raptor. The Raptor is another thing in itself.

See? I forgot I had a Raptor in my laptop bad too. WIth my conditional thinking, I did not include it and failed to talk about it. The Raptor is scissors, a ring cutter, and an O2 tank wrench. The scissors are EMT grade, so they are nothing like the rounded-tipped ones that you are forced to use since your loved ones don’t trust you with sharp objects after 2019’s thanksgiving. I know, I saw the photos.

The truth is: Get nerdy on deciding which one is right for you. I am not saying build a spreadsheet and break down the cutting service, blade length, and tool to hand ratio. Simply think about which tools you would use. Do you want them to be accessible on the outside or inside? Make a list. Once you find that perfect multitool that will forever live in your pocket… burn that list. Fire is fun.