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Serious note.

First. I will admit that I have AFK for a while. I am sorry. Not sorry. I would like to take a moment to tell you, nay BEG you do not buy one of these for anyone. They break. They are cheap and cost the same as the less expensive Fiskars Hatchet. If you are going to buy a Hatchet or hammer multitool for someone, stop and think. Do they use a knife already? do they EDC a knife? Do they camp? if they carry a knife, I would recommend a Deejo or Buck or anything at BladeHQ or a website like that. If they don’t already carry a knife and have not said they wanted one, I would say a nice Olight or minimalist wallet. Shoot. A cell phone case would be better than one of those “faux-titools”. Trust me.

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