Long ago are the days when you had a few choices for something on your hip, belt, around your waist, or the such. Now with everything being EDC, you can a pouch that holds stuff cool and has it look cool. Not some webbing pouch you bought at the Home store or at the local whatever store. Now with these little pouches, you can carry that flashlight, knife, and pen while not looking like you are excited to be there. Seriously though. At work I wear suspenders. I have one similar to this pouch on my suspenders but horizontal. Everything slides out to my right. I am right-handed so it is accessible with my right hand. Since I do delivers it gives me a chance to carry all those items without having them in my pockets, without having piles of stuff that I will use once a week, if that, only cause I have it… so I won’t need it. You know how it goes. Trust me your options are having sharp things in your pockets, on your belt in a cool leather bespoke pouch, or in a “fanny” pack. I choose the cool leather bespoke too.

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